An inheritance is beneficial from a financial perspective, but it often leads to additional financial questions and complexities. Some of the more common issues we help clients address when an inheritance is received are:


  • The impact of the inheritance on their overall financial picture as well as their ability to meet – or revise – their financial goals
  • How the assets received in the inheritance should be invested to ensure they are aligned with the clients overall financial plan
  • The clients’ options for inherited real estate
  • The tax impact of the inheritance and whether any options exist to mitigate taxes

Who Needs a Comprehensive Financial Plan

In last week’s blog post, I covered what every financial plan should include regardless of whether you were concerned with retirement planning, planning for an inheritance or some other issue. This week, I want to focus on when you should consider having a...
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Financial Advisors: An Inheritance Investment Case Study

In last week’s post we outlined issues to consider when it comes to investing an inheritance. This week, we’ll look at a case study for someone receiving an inheritance. We believe financial advisors should keep client information confidential, so the account below is...
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Invest an Inheritance

As Atlanta financial planners, we work with clients who have received an inheritance. The process of receiving an inheritance is often fraught with emotion – on the one hand, the client has lost a loved one, while on the other, in some instances the inheritance itself...
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