Fee-Only Financial Planning

The core of financial planning is building a framework that allows you to achieve your financial goals.


Here at Minerva Planning Group, we believe it should be a collaborative process, and we spend a good bit of time working with you to understand your goals and values to build a plan that is unique to you.

Beyond the plan framework, we look at a number of additional issues to help ensure you are making optimal financial decisions and addressing any risks to meeting your goals. The additional areas of focus include:

  • Risk management and insurance planning—evaluating risks to the plan and confirming that the client is neither over or under-insured
  • Tax planning—identifying steps that can be taken to reduce the tax liability
  • Estate planning—understanding the client’s wishes in an estate situation and confirming estate documents and account titling reflect those wishes
  • Investment approach—provide a recommended target investment allocation for the client as well as guidelines as to how that allocation can be implemented

We are fee-only financial advisors, and that means we accept no referral fees and sell no commissionable products. In addition, we are fiduciaries to our clients and are legally and ethically required to act in our clients’ best interest. We think this arrangement minimizes conflicts-of-interest and provides our clients peace-of-mind in knowing that our recommendations aren’t influenced by third-party compensation.

For concrete examples of what a financial plan includes, you can view sample plans here or schedule a complimentary call with us to discuss our services. Lastly, visit the Who We Work With section of our website to learn about areas in which we have specific expertise.

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