Emory Employees

Financial Planning for Emory Physicians

Emory benefits are rich, but they can be complex, particularly for physicians who are employed both by Emory University and Emory Clinic. We have experience in assisting with a number of Emory specific issues, including:

  • Understanding the investment choices available from the 3 different providers within Emory 403b plans
  • How the Emory match for retirement plans works, and the details of coordination among the Emory University and Emory Clinic 403b plans for those who are employees of both organizations
  • How the 457 can be a benefit to highly compensated employees
  • The insurance benefits offered by Emory, and what specific coverage and coverage levels best meet the client’s specific needs

Contact us if you are considering retirement from Emory or want to discuss how we might assist you in developing a comprehensive financial plan.


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