Insurance Planning

Insurance Planning

Insurance is a key part of a financial plan as it is one of the primary tools to manage risks.

We are fee-only financial planners, so we have no financial stake in recommending insurance, but we do review insurance policies to ensure you have what you need to address risks to your financial plan without being over-insured. As part of insurance planning, we provide the following as needed:

  • Life insurance – work with you to determine the amount of life insurance you need (if any), review existing policies for cost effectiveness and review any new coverage you may decide to purchase
  • Disability needs – confirm the amount of disability coverage needed, review existing coverage and taxability of policy benefits
  • Long term care – discuss when long term care coverage is advisable and how long term care interacts with your retirement portfolio
  • Home, auto and umbrella coverage – provide a checklist of details to confirm for home and auto policy and identify situation in which umbrella coverage is recommended
  • Healthcare coverage – review options available for healthcare and discuss key considerations in choosing your coverage

Quite often employer benefits are the most cost-effective way to gain needed coverage, so we review those benefits with you as well. If, on the other hand, you require an independent agent to assist you, we are happy to provide a referral.

Ultimately, the goal with insurance planning is that you understand the risks to your plan as well as the options available via insurance to cost-effectively address those risks.

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