Tax Planning

Tax planning involves doing what you can to both minimize and plan for taxes.


When it comes to minimization, we assist in several ways, including:

  • Designing investment portfolios with tax efficiency in mind
  • Using tax loss harvesting to minimize capital gains
  • Ensuring optimal use of tax efficient accounts including traditional IRAs, Roths and Health Savings Accounts
  • Working with business owners to identify the best type of retirement plan to use
  • Coordinating with accountants to minimize taxes for clients selling businesses or receiving large equity awards from employers

Beyond minimization, we also work to ensure taxes related to investment income are planned for and aren’t an unpleasant surprise at tax time. Our ongoing process means that we proactively anticipate the potential tax impacts of financial decisions as well as the transitions in life (marriage, business sale, inheritance) that you may encounter.

We have written a number of related articles for our blog here, but if you’d like to schedule some time to discuss your situation, feel free to contact us.

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