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Protecting Yourself After the Equifax Breach

At this point, I’m fairly sure that if a hacker doesn’t have my personal information, it’s because they just don’t want it. The Equifax breach was the largest ever, and it was preceded by a Blue Cross/Blue Shield breach in which I know my information was taken. I’m...

Investing in Gold

Questions about investing in gold are almost always a tell. If someone is interested in investing in gold, chances are that person is worried. Over the years, gold has acquired a reputation as a go-to investment when geopolitical or market volatility spikes, but the...

The Retirement Advantage of Working in Academia

I was listening to a podcast recently featuring Meir Statman, an academic who has long focused on the field of behavioral finance. While the topic itself was interesting, one thing Statman said that stood out to me was that he had no worries about money. He went on to...

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