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We collaborate with our clients to build and implement financial plans to help them reach their financial goals and achieve financial peace-of-mind. We are Atlanta based fee-only financial advisors and we have fiduciary responsibility to our clients, so we accept no referral fees and sell no commissionable products.

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Handling the Unexpected in a Financial Plan

I have worked as a financial advisor for almost 15 years, and one of the best things about the job is seeing clients achieve their long-term goals. Our focus in planning is to help clients control what they can while handling the unexpected in a financial plan, and...

Investing in Rental Real Estate – Does It Make Sense for You?

When clients discuss ideas for producing investment income, investing in rental property is - after bonds - among the first to come up. The idea of generating a steady stream of income from a tangible asset is attractive, particularly when the stock market is going...

How Federal Employees Can Plan a Successful Early Retirement

If you are a federal employee and are considering early retirement, this article will help you understand your options and how to determine if early retirement is feasible. We’ll examine how your FERS annuity and Social Security payments are impacted by when you begin...

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