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We collaborate with our clients to build and implement financial plans to help them reach their financial goals and achieve financial peace-of-mind. We are fee-only financial advisors and fiduciaries to our clients, so we accept no referral fees and sell no commissionable products.

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Financial Planning for Entrepreneurs

I have always been interested in being an entrepreneur. As a kid, I sold greeting cards and mowed countless yards. In college, I went to Mexico to study Spanish and paid for most of the cost by buying American candy in bulk and reselling it at a markup to other...

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Minerva Planning Group – Tips on Implementing a Budget

A few months back, I wrote a post on the experience my wife and I have had over the last year in implementing a budget. The experience has been largely positive, and several clients have asked me for some pointers on beginning the budgeting process. Here are some...

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Financial Planning and Buying a Home

A house is the largest purchase most of us will make in our lives, so it makes sense that questions about housing come up often in the financial planning work we do with clients. There are plenty of rules of thumb about buying a home, but most of the rules center...

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