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We collaborate with our clients to build and implement financial plans to help them reach their financial goals and achieve financial peace-of-mind. We are fee-only financial advisors and fiduciaries to our clients, so we accept no referral fees and sell no commissionable products.

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What We Can All Learn from Financial Planning for Teachers

When my aunt founded Minerva nearly 30 years ago, one of the first groups for whom she did a good deal of work were teachers. At the time, the State was looking for assistance with financial planning for teachers, and my aunt was chosen. Between that work and...

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Choosing Between Whole Life and Term Life Insurance

One of the most frequent questions clients ask us about life insurance is what type of insurance they should purchase, whole life or term life insurance. Whole life policies are still popular among some agents, but we think there are usually more suitable...

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Money Issues: Couples Combining Finances

Many couples encounter money issues at some point, so if you and your significant other approach money the same way, consider yourself fortunate. After 15 years of working as an advisor, I’ve found that most of the time, there are significant differences in how...

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