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At Minerva Planning Group, our mission is to provide fee-only financial planning and investment management to the greater Atlanta community and, virtually, throughout the United States. Our combination of expertise and knowledge enables us to provide sound financial guidance that helps you achieve your goals.

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Our mission is to work with you to identify a prudent path to your goals while providing financial planning and investment management solutions to reach those goals. We partner with you every step of the way as you work to achieve your financial goals.

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We are a Registered Investment Advisory firm serving clients from our office in Decatur, Georgia. As your fiduciary, we are dedicated to putting your interest first —always.

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Our mission is to help you make informed decisions about your money. The ideas for our posts come from client questions as well as common financial situations and issues we have encountered over the years.

Charitable Contributions: How to Maximize Your Deduction

Charitable decisions typically aren’t solely driven by a desire for a charitable deduction. Most of us make charitable contributions because there are causes or institutions that are important to us. Still, we all appreciate the deduction at tax time, and at the very...

Enough is Enough: How to Plan for Sustainable Spending

Several years ago, my wife and I sat down to work on a budget. Our goal wasn’t to reduce spending so much as it was to plan our spending. We had recently purchased a house in a pricey in-town neighborhood and that purchase happened just over a year after the birth of...

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